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tasse etoro

(5) the currency in circulation is not only refe to the cash, bank deposits and inflation.
In order to alleviate the domestic economic and financial crisis, western central Banks to print money, crazy make global inflation, a huge monetary tides, purpose is to pass on the domestic economic crisis, harvest the emerging countries around the world.
Can fool youelf ~ ~ ~ the renminbi in international accounted for in a basket of currencies, to 4.
5%, and one hundred to courage also can t let go of convertible foreign exchange management oh, otherwise immediately devaluation to the point of unimaginable.
During the current outbreak, all countries begin to printing money.
Has long maturity and risk big, the participants have ititutio and individuals, less liquid, high yield, solve the characteristics of long-term funding difficulties.
What is China s digital currency?COI (bitcoi) is a kind of electronic currency produced by the source of the P2P software, the virtual digital currency.
Money is good, save bank or buy gold?Enter the coin collecting market now?Since early this morning on Friday, December 7, the currency s capacity decline is expected, in the vicinity of 3800-4200 dolla sideways after a period of time is still the continuation of its current downward trend.
In fact, gold is gold, will not change, because a peon s subjective intention in you didn t see clearly what is shit don t make a move before or gold, gold target, is gold, no matter how smoke screen display market, still can not change the nature of gold, countries even, the market is good, again into the twenty percent.
Basically is to see money funds into, at present is that some bonds and debt under 397 days, the security is higher, but liquidity risk will cause withdrawal effects to investoHow to handle harmful rust on the coin?Enterprise monetary fund is to point to in the form of the currency that some assets, mainly includes two parts of the cash and bank deposit.
In October 1934, the main forces of the red out of
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