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Europe, America, Japan and other places of the caravan to take silver to barter, which is the foundation for the silver world currency status!!The dollar began to monetary anchor is gold, and gold.
Of coue, can t make money unlimited creation, otherwise it will cause inflation.
PengGai engineering on the other hand, the equivalent of a lot of money on an area, along with many demand to produce and release in the short time, will make the local prices, even exploded.
2, it is the company s reality has capital.
Industrial capital is divided into monetary capital, production the basis of capital, capital goods is what?2 it is in the decline of the volume, the national commercial housing sales area losses for four months.
Mobile phone suddenly broken or lost and needed the money?And digital currency this variety, value, at present is debated, except the currency is globally recognised as the number of other goods a lot of people have not heard of the name.
Can be used as a medium of exchange, stored value, the standard of deferred payment and accounting unit.
Between these reaso, I think the present digital currency itead of traditional currency will not happen.
THB is an asset proof, is an experiment of digital assets.
Coin pue is letter professional hosting type pue, from a phone number and verification code, password, pay the password, and facial recognition for asset protection, multisignature, top industry technology such as military level hardware encryption mechanism, eure the safety of digital asset management services.
And there s a wing, for when hundreds and thousands of big money, these money are found everywhere in casting.
Revee prices are expected to benefit the people s livelihood and conform to the room for Fried positioning, but the sharp drop in house prices in a short period of time will not only affect the mood of the whole market, the market value of volatility can also lead to the value of other relevant market fluctuatio, is not conducive to the stability of the financial market, financial risk, and real estate is extremely important, so house prices fell sharply from any ways are impossible has fallen dramatically, national related departments would avoid big risk, defend the financial bottom line.
Why its national income increasing demand mea that money?
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